Toys of my Trade

There are many things a phone sex operator needs to do this job effectively.  I won’t bore you with the mundane office supply type things.  Take a minute to consider, that I spend at least half my time on the phone masturbating; even for someone like me, who since puberty has been obsessed with sex and touching myself, it’s a lot.  As a PSO, I always have to be on (usually turned on).  Sure I could fake it, but I choose not to. It wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying, or as much fun, if I did.  So I have found that having an assortment of sex toys, porn, props, and costumes to be essential tools of my trade. These things help put me in the mood and keep me in it.

Waisted Effort (Hey Honey its a Cinch)Before I log in to take a call, I dress the part.  I have a huge collection of lingerie, costumes, pseudo-lingerie, panties . . . you get the point.  I make use of them. This helps get me in the mood, and puts a hot fantasy vibe into my sex office.  Also, most men want to know what I’m wearing, and being able to feel the fabric or see the way it clings to my curves, helps me to build a rich image for my caller.  It makes the fantasy feel more real for both of us. Occasionally a caller will even ask me to change clothes (usually they just want me to get naked).  They may ask for a specific type of panties or a certain color teddy.  I do it for them.  By doing what they ask it forces me to focus on them–their fantasies. The added benefit to my caller is, they can hear as I change for them.  They hear me open drawers or my closet door. They hear as I awkwardly remove clothing and re-dress myself. Hearing the actual movements helps build the visual; intensifying their experience–and mine too!

Early on I read PSO forum posts that discussed having porn on-hand while working.  Porn can help a PSO stay aroused, and it’s also useful for ideas of how to describe a scene for a caller.  This comes in handy when doing something I’m unfamiliar with.  I have a few good regulars that want me to dominate and/or humiliate them. By keeping a browser window open to scenes, it helps me visualize and verbally relay what the caller wants (I make sure the sound is off).  Personally, I have no dominatrix fantasies; never considered it, and it’s as close to the opposite of my own kinks as it can get–yet, I love these callers (the professor). They are pure role-playing fun and being out of my comfort zone is at least partially what this experiment is all about for me.  Beyond the visual porn, I find reading erotica (between calls) to be an excellent aide for my arousal level. I have hundreds of erotica books but usually I depend on Literotica for stories. This is, hands-down, the best amateur erotica website. It is an easily searched site, the stories are shorter, and they get to the point quicker.  One last “porn” honorable mention would be Twitter.  I like getting down and dirty with my followers,  and participating in #TwitterAfterDark battles (jump in anytime) is one of my favorite arousal tools.

A Neat DisplayNext to my bed I have a drawer filled with an assortment of “commonly desired” props. The most common is high heels. When requested, I get them out, put them on, and strut around my bedroom.  The hard wood floors give off the perfect sound, and this is very effective in getting my caller breathing heavy. Once, a caller asked me to remove one shoe and rub my foot with one hand while i masturbated with the other. I accidentally knocked the shoe to the floor in my clumsy arousal. As soon as the shoe hit the floor, my caller came, the sound of the shoe hitting the floor was real and that that was enough to set him off.  Nylons and stockings are also an extremely common fetish or sexual trigger for men, and the way they feel on my legs is a turn on for me. I use the sound of my nails running down the stocking to enhance their experience.  One of my personal favorite requests is when I get spankings–yep, I get a crop or a belt and I spank myself.  It’s surprisingly hot and usually puts me in the perfect head space for a good call.

In another drawer I keep my toys.  Butt plugs and nipple clamps are great tools for keeping me in the mood, not only during calls, but also between them.  Taking a call is usually a big rush of adrenaline.  After, however, it can be difficult to keep my arousal peaked, especially following a call where I have cum multiple times or calls i receive that aren’t sexual (more common than you’d think). These toys give me an extra sexual boost. Sometimes though, I need an even bigger boost, and for this I have my most important tool–the dildo.  Dildos serve both the purpose of getting myself off, and also aide in specific sexual requests. Fascination 1952 It’s much easier to make blowjob noises for 40 minutes (yes, seriously), when you have an actual phallus in your hands.  The best use for a dildo is the sounds of real sex I can make with it. . . I’ll allow you to use your imagination on that one. ;)

I was recently in a adult store (I know, big surprise) and I noticed the way I look at, and choose toys, has already begun to change.  I used to put a lot more emphasis on the way toys and costumes looked.  Now, along with the visual appeal of the product, I find myself wondering what kind of sound I can make with it, or how it will feel on my skin.  This new shameless curiosity with sex aides has made the experience and use of toys even hotter for me, and one of the best unexpected bonuses of taking this job, is the extra excuse I now have to buy more of these toys.

Kisses and Luv