The Tickler

Ticklish Situation

“Are you ticklish Chloe?” his voice was nice, soft, and smooth.

“Not really, sir.  I’m sensitive to touch, but not really ticklish,” I replied.

“Chloe, how can you be sensitive to touch and not be ticklish?”  his tone was almost condescending.

Do they go hand-in-hand — being sensitive to touch and being ticklish?

Harry was interested in hearing more about this sensitivity.  He asked questions about my reactions to touch in different situations.  I told him, “I am very sensitive to touch–goosebumps, shivers, things like that.”  I described my aversion to unexpected touch.  It’s not that I don’t like it, but if you reach out to touch me and I’m not expecting it, I tend to shy away.

We talked about how much I hated being tickled as a child.  At some point, I learned to avoid being tickled by using a few tricks.  First, if someone asks if I’m ticklish, I say no.  If they attempt to tickle me anyway (they always do), I’ve learned to tense up and not react, then I pull away and give an annoyed look.  It’s worked pretty well over the years and has become an automatic response for me.  After doing this for a few years, I learned to hold out longer, and I think on some level convinced myself I really wasn’t ticklish.

I had my first moment of clarity on how a ‘tickle orgasm’ could possibly work, when we moved on to the subject of receiving oral sex.  When a guy goes down on me, if I can’t gracefully get out of it, I brace myself, and it takes every bit of concentration not to pull away.  That Low Down Feeling (Who Me)My main objective is to get through it, and on to other stuff as quickly as possible.  Harry asked me to think about what it feels like when someone digs their fingers into my ribs.  I did, and related it for the first time to the way I feel when receiving oral sex.  Hmm, interesting, very similar feeling.  Was this being ticklish?  Was this the reason I couldn’t get off during oral sex?  My clit was too ticklish?  Harry and I talked about this more.  I wondered–will knowing my clit is too ticklish, make any difference in enjoying oral sex?

Throughout the experiment, Harry would ask me repeatedly, “Are you ticklish Chloe?” I recognized this as one of his sexual trigger phrases, and after a few answers I hit on the phrases I could tell he really liked in response–”Yes, Harry. I am ticklish!” and “Please stop tickling me Harry!”

“Are you ticklish, Chloe?”

I told him, “Maybe I am ticklish.”  He seemed pleased with my admission and asked if I was ready to try something new.  I bet you can guess how I answered–”Yay, something new!”

“What are you wearing right now, Chloe?” he asked.

“Just panties, Harry” I said.

He asked me to describe them–the way they felt, the cut, the color.  He also wanted to know the distance between my belly button and the top of my panties.  He asked me to describe my belly button–the shape, and how deep and tight each of my fingers fit in it.   I was already getting worked up from the building anticipation.

Harry asked me to put on thigh high stockings–the highest quality I had.  Putting on silk stockings (and wearing them) is arousing for me.  It’s a sexy, feminine feeling.  I was ready for whatever Harry wanted.  When he asked me if I could follow his instructions without question.  I was eager to please him…

“Yes Harry,” I moaned.

This call lasted an hour and a half.  I can’t tell you exactly how long Harry spent on each area of my body–I lose myself in a good fantasy, and am not good at keeping track of time (not a good thing for a PSO).

“Lay down on your bed.”  Harry had a nice voice–manly, but soft, and easy to get lost in.

“Close your eyes Chloe.  Listen to my voice, and do exactly what I say.”

He started by having me lightly caress the outside of my thighs with my fingertips and fingernails.  *He was verbally coaching me, “Slowly Chloe. Long strokes, very lightly.” Mmmm I was already starting to get shivers from his voice and my touch.  Then Harry would say, “Faster Chloe, faster!” with a frantic word pace–his voice was still soft and quiet.  He alternated between fast and slow, between long strokes and short ones, but he asked me to keep my touch as light as possible through everything.   We worked down my legs, with this same sort of movement, until we reached my feet.  I was relaxed and tingly.  My body was really coming to life.  My senses were heightened.  I could especially feel the touch sensations around me better than before–crisp cool sheets under me, the cool air around me, the moisture between my legs, all felt more pronounced.

Harry asked me to move my fingertips very lightly over every inch of my feet.  He had me push my index finger between each toe, and describe the way the silk felt.  By the time we got back to the sole of my left foot, I was very sexually aroused.  Then he told me to switch to my fingernails, and he returned to his original method–*varying: slow and fast pace–long and short strokes, always as lightly as possible.

I gasped and giggled, and I could hear Harry’s smile when he said,  “Are you ticklish Chloe?”

“Maybe a little Harry,” my own smile was definitely growing.  We kept at this for a little longer, until I was giggling more and more, but still reasonably in control of myself.marilyn in bed on the phone laughing

I trailed my fingers slowly up the outside of my legs, all the way up my body, until I reached my rib cage.  I was starting to shake more, I was definitely getting really turned on.  The inside of my arms were next, this is very sensitive area of the body and I was reacting to the experience more intensely.  Every inch of skin felt prickly and I could have easily cum right then.  I was still giggling, which is not a completely unfamiliar thing for me with sex, but when he started on my breasts, my breath went staccato and I moaned and pressed my thighs together a few times–still with intermittent giggling.  Harry had me take time with my breasts and they were incredibly responsive.  Withering on my bed, while I caressed my own breast, and breaking out in spontaneous giggles every few seconds.  I was completely invested in the process.  I wish I had made a recording–it would have made quite a show!

A big part of this process working has to do with two things.  First, the slow build of light touch.  A woman having an orgasm is contingent on her ability to get in the right mindset.  She has to turn off her brain, feel and experience –not think.  Taking time to ensure a girl is sufficiently aroused (without touching her pussy), moves her into the right mental place for this.  Second, is incorporating soft tickling into the early arousal process.  She needs to be smiling, relaxed and gigging before you get to the real tickling.

“Dig your finger into your sides Chloe.” Harry used his fast, clipped, but still soft tone.

The second I started tickling myself, the real laughter began.  Before long I was having a fit of laughter. Then Harry would say, “Stop,” and I would try to catch my breath.  He had me return to the soft touch on my tummy, until I was moaning and fully aroused again–then back to the tickling, until I was truly out of control.  I snorted, peed my panties, and was not able to stop laughing to even catch my breath.  I was shrieking “Stop tickling me Harry!” as I rolled around my bed laughing. Thumper laughs Again, Harry had me go back to the soft touch on my belly.  It was difficult, but I managed to calm down a little before he told me to insert my index finger into my belly button, (just him asking me to do that had me giggling again).  He told me to dig deep and move my finger back and forth.  I started laughing again but this time it was mixed with groans.  I was really sensitive and aroused.  I moved my finger in and out of my belly button vigorously.  I felt like I had a straight line to my clit.  It was very similar to masturbating with a barrier, like when you masturbate through your clothing, or without direct skin on skin stimulation to the clit.  The orgasm took me completely off guard.  One second I was climbing and then, poetically speaking, the damn burst.  I came uncontrollably.  It was longer and more intense than any other orgasm I remember giving myself. It was unlike any other orgasm I’ve had–it was either a combination of a clit orgasm and a penetration orgasm, or it was an entirely new type.  Fantastic!  I was still really worked up after I came; unsure if I was still cumming or on the edge of cumming again.  I’m not ashamed to say I rubbed my pussy on my pillow until I was cumming full force again.  I was in heaven.  MarilynMonroe-in-bedAs crazy as this story is, and as fun as it is to share with you, for me it was a profound experience.  I had two powerful orgasms and got to experience something amazing that very few people do.  I had a chance in our last minutes to talk to Harry.  He was very amused by my reaction, but enjoyed it enough to cum twice for me.  He said it had been 20 years since he had cum twice in that short of an amount of time.  I told him, I fell in love with him a little, and to call me back–Often!  After the call, I had that glassy-eyed, doped up feeling I get from sex sometimes.  I giggled, and shook for hours and the afterglow lasted for days.  Sometimes, I’m amazed I get paid to do this job.

marilyn monroe bedThe only down-side to this experience–I was very sore the next day.  My entire body ached a little and my belly button was raw for a week.  So worth it!

If any of my lovely perverts reading this decide to try tickling, send me a message and let me know how it goes.  I may write a follow up post down the road.  If you missed my interview about the Tickler (and lots of other things), check it out here The Christian McQueen Show


Kisses and Luv