Talk Dirty with Delicious Tacos – episode three

Appreciative Audience (Bird's Eye View) 1960On episode three of “Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv”, I talk with writer and fellow pervert, Delicious Tacos.

I am a big fan of his blog…awed by his crisp, gritty, disgustingly honest writing style.  Interviewing him did not disappoint.  It was a skirting-the-edge-of-sanity experience, filled with brutal self reflection, and hilarious dark humor.  

Yay, thank you Delicious Tacos.

This was a long interview, and I was forced to cut a considerable amount of material, including most of the introduction (it was tantalizing, sexy sweetness…sigh…alas…it had to be cut to make room for horse fucking porn.)

So we get right into the dirty quick…just like I like it…

Hope you all enjoy it!

Kisses and Luv,


Buy Delicious Tacos’ book Hot Naked Kittens, read his blog, and follow him on Twitter.



Author: Chloe Luv

I’ve decided that I want to become a phone sex operator (PSO). It’s something I have fantasized about since I was a teenager. Only problem is -- I know almost nothing about what it really means to be a PSO.

  • Sweetbeak greatest fan

    That was a nice piece at the end. Usually something like this would be a mix of two unrelated clips but this was the real deal. Most people don’t know that such things exist.

    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed doing it. :)