Talk Dirty with Jack Murphy

Bettie Page AFOn episode 6 of “Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv”, I chat with expert dominant, and controversial blogger, Jack Murphy.  Jack was an amazing guest.  We easily filled nearly two hours with kinky talk, and this was, by far, my toughest interview to cut and edit.

In this episode, we discuss Jack’s relationship background–along with a painful conversation on what it is like living in a sexless marriage, getting divorced, and starting over in an unfamiliar dating market…

Jack and I also talk about learning BDSM techniques, finding the red-pill community, training a submissive, pain tolerances, public masturbation, humiliation and rape fantasies, and so much more.

I loved every second of talking with Jack, and his advice and insight into life, kink, and relationships is spot on…

What a great episode…I hope you enjoy it even half as much as I enjoyed capturing it.

Stay tune my lovely perverts because next up I have Jack’s live-in submissive girlfriend The Little Red Hen.  I’m looking forward to hearing about their relationship from her perspective, and having a frank conversation with another sexual submissive.  It’s sure to be another hot episode.

You can find Jack’s website here and also chat with him on Twitter.

Jack was kind enough to write about his experience on my show on his own blog, and check out his new post (which we discussed on the show), “You Deserve to Be a Sex God Part III: Jack Murphy’s Guide to Advanced Domination Techniques

Chat Later…

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  • Peregrine John

    About the “they don’t know what they’re doing” thing (around :26) – There is VERY little information on becoming a competent dom. It essentially doesn’t exist at all in the fictional literature, the assumption always being that he’s always been that way, or his learning was in the long past, or that he Just Magically Gets It, which is nonsense but part of the fantasy. But there’s also a serious lack of any sort of instruction for real use. It seems almost taboo that in-the-bedroom instruction, from mindset to techniques, anything beyond Jack’s basic guide, should even exist.

    • First, thanks for taking time to comment on the show, and for continuing an important conversation. :)

      I agree it can be very difficult to find proper instruction, or useful resources, on BDSM. They do exist though… a person can often find instructional meetups, mentors, or even just people to discuss personal bdsm experiences online through sites like fetlife, and other bdsm forum sites. Most major cities have at least one professional dungeon also, many of these will offer special training events. I’ve found, for the most part, people within the BDSM community are eager to share, and teach once they trust a person’s intentions are genuine. Also, I highly recommend the websites: The Iron Gate, submissive guide / , and literotica (which has a decent “how to” section worth reading), to anyone looking to learn more about BDSM.
      Kisses and Luv,

      • Peregrine John

        Literotica has a how-to section? I had no idea. Thank you for the several good directions!