Talk Dirty with Christian McQueen

Your Move 1964Episode 5:

Almost two years ago, I was a guest on Christian’s own podcast…A Man in Demand Radio.  At the time, I had been working as a phone sex operator for less than six weeks, and had just started this blog.  It was my first interview as Chloe Luv–I was so nervous, out of control…lol

Now, with a little more experience under my “skirt”, I asked Christian to be a guest on Talk Dirty.  I was still nervous, but it turned into a fun, sexy, and educational episode.

Christian is a lifestyle coach who specializes in obtaining and maintaining a playboy lifestyle.  He has a successful website, and forum at The blog of Christian McQueen.  As well as having written several e-books, he offers online classes, seminars, and private life coaching.

On this episode we discuss “game”, the ins-and-outs of nightclub culture, kinks, harems, and things girls should be doing to show a man she’s into him.  I also get Christian to tell me the story of his first attempt at picking up girls…at age eight…lol and his favorite sexual position. :) He’s always an entertaining and smart gentleman, and I’m so pleased he agreed to be a guest on Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv. Check him out my lovelies…

Chat later–Kisses and Luv,