BDSM Dominant/submissive relationships: part two

Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv

This is the second in a three episode series on BDSM, and Dominant/submissive relationships.

Part One: My first three guests, Anais, Alexander, and Zorrita tell their personal stories of discovering, and exploring D/s-BDSM relationships.

Part Two: Anais and I continue our conversation with Alexander and Zorrita, discussing many specific BDSM kinks, and D/s lifestyle topics.


Helmut Newton PetIn this episode of Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv, my special co-host Anais and I continue our conversation with the young (and quite charming) D/s couple, Alexander and Zorrita.

We hear more about the unique dynamics of their personal relationship, and talk about many different bdsm topics… sister subs, public exhibitionism, subspace, punishment… Including interesting conversations on specific kink play like blood play, needles and knives, choking, and so much more.

We also chat about navigating social media from a BDSM perspective, and protecting yourself from the judgments of the vanilla world.

This interview is packed with relevant and useful information.  It’s also a beautiful example of how a few of us have learned, and defined, our own D/s relationships.  I feel lucky to have been a part of this show, and feel a great affection for all three of my fantastic guests: Anais, Alexander, and Zorrita.

Up next: Part Three: the final installment of this series, I chat again with my lovely co-host Anais, and finish the show with a special interview with Anais’ husband and Master.

Talk Dirty with Christian McQueen

Your Move 1964Episode 5:

Almost two years ago, I was a guest on Christian’s own podcast…A Man in Demand Radio.  At the time, I had been working as a phone sex operator for less than six weeks, and had just started this blog.  It was my first interview as Chloe Luv–I was so nervous, out of control…lol

Now, with a little more experience under my “skirt”, I asked Christian to be a guest on Talk Dirty.  I was still nervous, but it turned into a fun, sexy, and educational episode. Continue reading “Talk Dirty with Christian McQueen”