Cumming on the CMQshow

I don’t know if it was obvious to those of you that listened to my interview on the CMQshow but I had never done anything like that before.

Even though I was nervous, it felt strangely serendipitous.   Continue reading “Cumming on the CMQshow”

This is phone sex? When do I get to cum?

pinup 1Obviously, I can’t write about every call I take as a phone sex operator.  It would take too long and become redundant.  It feels necessary, however, to write about my first few callers.  These were especially difficult because of my inexperience.  Phone sex is completely new to me.  Only two weeks separated the time between thinking,

“Do they still have phone sex operators?” and the first night I took calls. Continue reading “This is phone sex? When do I get to cum?”


When my work phone rings……

there is a second of trepidation.  I yell out “I love big cocks,” and it works to chase the feeling away.  I answer; my voice triggers the computer to engage.  A strangely-sexy, computerized female voice tells me it’s my company calling, and to enter my code.  After I enter it, the voice states the receipt number for the call.  As I write the number in my log book, my hands are shaking a little.  I take one last deep breath to calm myself.  The operator then tells me the caller has paid for 15 minutes–the minimum, and has also prepaid a tip.  The computer connects the call.  Then silence…

. . . and this is where the shit gets weird Continue reading “Ambiguous”

Toys of my Trade

There are many things a phone sex operator needs to do this job effectively.  I won’t bore you with the mundane office supply type things.  Take a minute to consider, that I spend at least half my time on the phone masturbating; even for someone like me, who since puberty has been obsessed with sex and touching myself, it’s a lot.  As a PSO, I always have to be on (usually turned on).  Sure I could fake it, but I choose not to. It wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying, or as much fun, if I did. Continue reading “Toys of my Trade”

My “Call Me” Message – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

He Thinks I'm too Good to be TrueThis is it, the last step before I can begin taking calls, recording my “call me” message.  This is a phone sex operator’s invitation to callers, it needs to be good.  Being a successful PSO depends on many things, but when you get down to it, it’s her voice that sells her.  I am fairly confident that I have a sexy voice.  My only problem is, when I get nervous my voice goes up an octave and I giggle.

I grabbed a pen and paper and spread out on my “phone sex”  bed to write a script.  I needed to fill 45 seconds, which is not as easy as it sounds. Continue reading “My “Call Me” Message – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator”

Creating Chloe – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

Gentlemen Prefer... 1963Before I could begin taking calls as a phone sex operator, I needed to create a persona.  For obvious safety concerns a PSO has to protect certain personal information; anything traceable should be changed.  Becky said, “men that call want to feel they know you, so all the fictitious details need to be well established in your mind”.  Phone sex work is acting.  It’s important for me to be clear on the role I am going to play.

To begin with, I needed to choose a name.  Easy, right?

I was ready, I had my name all picked out, it was perfect… Continue reading “Creating Chloe – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator”

The Interview – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

The Application

After sorting through the information I had collected on the Phone Sex industry, a clearer picture emerged.  I checked out dozens of companies, and came away with a list of four which fit all my major requirements.  One in particular stood out to me; a smaller company with an excellent reputation.  It not only fit my criteria, it also had several additional things I liked, and lucky for me they were hiring.  I cleared my head, and analyzed my decision a little more.  I wanted to do this.  I was as ready to put in an application.

elvgren_helpwanted_1952I went to my newly designed, soundproof guest/phone sex room, and shut the door.  I’m not prude, by any means, but I recognize taking a job as a phone actress, with no experience, could potentially be a big deal.  Anxious, but excited, I re-read the company’s hiring section, and filled out the online application.  Pushing send was nerve racking; I kept staring at the box I had checked for bi-sexual, giggling. I had to spend five minutes or so just calming myself down.  I pushed send and…

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