Cumming on the CMQshow

I don’t know if it was obvious to those of you that listened to my interview on the CMQshow but I had never done anything like that before.

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This is phone sex? When do I get to cum?

pinup 1Obviously, I can’t write about every call I take as a phone sex operator.  It would take too long and become redundant.  It feels necessary, however, to write about my first few callers.  These were especially difficult because of my inexperience.  Phone sex is completely new to me.  Only two weeks separated the time between thinking,

“Do they still have phone sex operators?” and the first night I took calls. Continue reading “This is phone sex? When do I get to cum?”


When my work phone rings……

there is a second of trepidation.  I yell out “I love big cocks,” and it works to chase the feeling away.  I answer; my voice triggers the computer to engage.  A strangely-sexy, computerized female voice tells me it’s my company calling, and to enter my code.  After I enter it, the voice states the receipt number for the call.  As I write the number in my log book, my hands are shaking a little.  I take one last deep breath to calm myself.  The operator then tells me the caller has paid for 15 minutes–the minimum, and has also prepaid a tip.  The computer connects the call.  Then silence…

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My “Call Me” Message – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

He Thinks I'm too Good to be TrueThis is it, the last step before I can begin taking calls, recording my “call me” message.  This is a phone sex operator’s invitation to callers, it needs to be good.  Being a successful PSO depends on many things, but when you get down to it, it’s her voice that sells her.  I am fairly confident that I have a sexy voice.  My only problem is, when I get nervous my voice goes up an octave and I giggle.

I grabbed a pen and paper and spread out on my “phone sex”  bed to write a script.  I needed to fill 45 seconds, which is not as easy as it sounds. Continue reading “My “Call Me” Message – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator”

Creating Chloe – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

Gentlemen Prefer... 1963Before I could begin taking calls as a phone sex operator, I needed to create a persona.  For obvious safety concerns a PSO has to protect certain personal information; anything traceable should be changed.  Becky said, “men that call want to feel they know you, so all the fictitious details need to be well established in your mind”.  Phone sex work is acting.  It’s important for me to be clear on the role I am going to play.

To begin with, I needed to choose a name.  Easy, right?

I was ready, I had my name all picked out, it was perfect… Continue reading “Creating Chloe – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator”

The Interview – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

The Application

After sorting through the information I had collected on the Phone Sex industry, a clearer picture emerged.  I checked out dozens of companies, and came away with a list of four which fit all my major requirements.  One in particular stood out to me; a smaller company with an excellent reputation.  It not only fit my criteria, it also had several additional things I liked, and lucky for me they were hiring.  I cleared my head, and analyzed my decision a little more.  I wanted to do this.  I was as ready to put in an application.

elvgren_helpwanted_1952I went to my newly designed, soundproof guest/phone sex room, and shut the door.  I’m not prude, by any means, but I recognize taking a job as a phone actress, with no experience, could potentially be a big deal.  Anxious, but excited, I re-read the company’s hiring section, and filled out the online application.  Pushing send was nerve racking; I kept staring at the box I had checked for bi-sexual, giggling. I had to spend five minutes or so just calming myself down.  I pushed send and…

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The Business of Phone Sex

Thinking of You (Retirement Plan)When I decided to try this, I didn’t know much about the phone sex business.  I had vague ideas about horny men calling me, and getting them off.  I like to talk dirty, and making a man cum is a huge turn on for me–So, I was excitedly hopeful being a phone sex operator would be a good fit.  However, before I could seriously consider it, I had a lot of questions which needed answers…

The first being:

“Do they still have phone sex operators?”

Yes, they do!  In fact, business is booming!

The use of the internet and cellphones, along with other technologies, has caused the phone sex industry to drastically change over the last twenty years.  Traditional phone sex companies have continued to thrive by utilizing these technologies–making their companies more efficient and accessible.

Spotty Performance (Occupational Hazard) (Stemographer) 1962While webcam and, more recently, virtual sex models (intriguing) have taken the place of some traditional phone sex operators, nothing has been able to replace the good old-fashioned “get him off” phone call.

As the industry has evolved the role of the traditional phone sex operator has become more complex.

Top earning PSOs now spend countless hours building their online personas, marketing themselves, and cultivating regulars.  Phone sex is a legitament career choice for many, and some make surprisingly good money, but getting to that level requires a unique skill-set, and experience.

“Where does one begin an exciting career as a phone actress?”

The avenues of entering, and learning the phone sex business are limited.  Most respectable phone sex companies will not hire a PSO without experience.  This means someone new to the profession has few employment options, and of those few, only one company (with a horrible reputation amongst PSOs) offers “training”.  Being a PSO is not a job one masters by reading, this is without a doubt a sink or swim profession.

Was I ready for this?

I did what everyone does when they have a burning question–I turned to Google.  After scraping away some early search hits, articles written mostly for mainstream publications (glorified and subjective at best), I eventually found my way to the PSO forums.  These have been a reliable, and excellent resource for every question I’ve had on the phone sex industry.  The sections written for “newbies” are filled with advice from the seasoned pros.

Forum Tip:

Do not go on a forum and ask a question without first looking to see if it has already been asked.  These women are busy, and they are very good at cutting to the chase and controlling situations.  Do your own research, or be prepared to be called out. – The most useful, reliable, and genuine forum.

I also recommend:   

I spent the evening learning about the phone sex business.  Within a few hours into my research, I started feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of information to sort through.  The overwhelmed feeling turned to serious doubts while reading posts about the problems some PSO’s had experienced.  I asked myself if I had been wrong to think I could handle this job.

Did I really want to enter the sex industry?

I took a break, unsure if I should continue this endeavor.  I talked to my husband (still amazing) and he helped work me through all the reasons why I wanted to be a PSO.  Then we discussed all the things I had learned in my research.  Afterwards, he asked me if I still wanted to see it through.  I realized, I wasn’t ready to put the project aside; I wanted to continue and decide later.  He encouraged me to, temporarily, put my emotions away and focus on the business part–the feelings would still be there when the time came to deal with them.  I took his advice.  I sat back down and wrote all my logistical questions.

It looked something like this:  How does it work?  Is it safe?  Do I need a landline?  When do I work?  How much money will I make?  Who should I work for?

I started taking notes on what  I would need to set myself up as a PSO.

The first thing I learned from my research–It is safe (as long as the model does not give personal information to a client).

The rest of the questions, it turned out, had many answers.  Each individual company establishes its own protocols, rules, and structure. They use different payment methods (for both model and customer), and have vastly different requirements. There is little consistency of standards from one business to the next.  

I learned there are basically three types of phone sex businesses: Independents, Independents via Dispatch and Dispatch.

cold_cash_pin_upIndependents- The top earning PSOs acquire their own 900 numbers and build their own businesses.  They manage their own switchboards, establish their own rates, and take their own payment.  These women usually do an enormous amount of work. All of the marketing and advertising is their responsibility, including: trolling, managing social media, blogs, and anything else required to make their businesses thrive.  Many independent PSOs work 70+ hours per week and sometimes offer 24/7 availability. It is not unheard of, at this level, for a good PSO to make over six figures.

Independent via Dispatch-  A dispatch or switchboard company takes calls from customers and re-routes them to the models.  They also collect and process all payments.  In this system each PSO is responsible for all of their own marketing and advertising.  The dispatch hosts the PSO’s business for a percentage of their call fee (like ETSY, but for phone sex operators).  Some sites like Niteflirt, even allow the girls to set their own rates.

Dispatch Companies- These are traditional phone sex businesses–a switchboard-style system which protects a models phone number and identity.  The company collects all payments from the clients, and pays the phone actresses on a regular schedule, usually through direct deposit.  These are the companies which employ girls who have little, or no experience.  They pay the least, sometimes as low as .07 cents per minute (don’t work for this company), and rarely higher than .50 cents per minute.  Some pay you in blocks of time, for example, the company I work for pays me $5 per 15min.  My company also allows tips (most don’t), and they allow me to keep them (some don’t). This is an extremely important factor in how much you can make as a Dispatch PSO.  The models are not required to do any of their own marketing or trolling, but are encouraged to connect their PSO blogs (not this one) and websites to the company.  The dispatch industry has a few well-established companies which have great reputations and respectable standards.  Unfortunately, it also has many companies that run scams, do not pay, or use ridiculous sliding pay scales designed to take advantage of inexperienced PSOs.

There are also many other factors to consider when looking at a dispatch company: Is it a no-taboo company, or do they have restrictions of content in place? Are you allowed to choose or refuse your own styles? (no poop for me). What are their hold-time requirements?  What kind of phone do they require you to have?  How much will they pay you?  Are you required to be logged in a certain amount of hours?  How well does the company treat their employees?

I moved forward by deciding what I needed…

I wanted to set my own hours.  I wanted to work for a company which has a good reputation with their PSO models and clients.  When I found the company, which fit the criteria, I felt ready to put in an application!  . . .

Now, I need to prepare myself for actually taking calls.

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Kisses and Luv