Talk Dirty with the Little Red Hen

Let's Eat Out 1967

On this episode of Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv…

I have a lovely conversation with The Little Red Hen.  If you listened to my last show with Jack Murphy then you know the Little Red Hen is Jack’s live-in girlfriend, and submissive.  She was a delightful guest with interesting stories, and life perspective.  We discuss her upbringing, losing her virginity, online dating, being submissive, and of course, Jack. Continue reading “Talk Dirty with the Little Red Hen”

Talk Dirty with Tyler Vin – Episode One

GIL ELVGREN's Peek-a-View, Louis F. Dow Company calendar illustration
GIL ELVGREN’s Peek-a-View

On the first episode of “Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv” I talk with Tyler Vin, The Mile High Playboy.

I ask Tyler about his path to kinky enlightenment.  His experiences and advice on having an open marriage, how he became involved with the BDSM scene, and “picking up” girls in a more vanilla world.  We also discuss taking Cialis, what to do if a girl becomes too wet while you’re fucking her, and we (well I) end the show with an all out x-rated two orgasm goodbye. :) Continue reading “Talk Dirty with Tyler Vin – Episode One”