Talk Dirty with the Little Red Hen

Let's Eat Out 1967

On this episode of Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv…

I have a lovely conversation with The Little Red Hen.  If you listened to my last show with Jack Murphy then you know the Little Red Hen is Jack’s live-in girlfriend, and submissive.  She was a delightful guest with interesting stories, and life perspective.  We discuss her upbringing, losing her virginity, online dating, being submissive, and of course, Jack. Continue reading “Talk Dirty with the Little Red Hen”

Talk Dirty with Christian McQueen

Your Move 1964Episode 5:

Almost two years ago, I was a guest on Christian’s own podcast…A Man in Demand Radio.  At the time, I had been working as a phone sex operator for less than six weeks, and had just started this blog.  It was my first interview as Chloe Luv–I was so nervous, out of control…lol

Now, with a little more experience under my “skirt”, I asked Christian to be a guest on Talk Dirty.  I was still nervous, but it turned into a fun, sexy, and educational episode. Continue reading “Talk Dirty with Christian McQueen”