I wrote the following paragraph (and as a result, this post) in response to an interaction I had with a guy in his early twenties.  I was irritated by his disdain and lack of understanding, for the men who use my services as a phone sex operator.  Continue reading “PSO – S.O.S”

Toys of my Trade

There are many things a phone sex operator needs to do this job effectively.  I won’t bore you with the mundane office supply type things.  Take a minute to consider, that I spend at least half my time on the phone masturbating; even for someone like me, who since puberty has been obsessed with sex and touching myself, it’s a lot.  As a PSO, I always have to be on (usually turned on).  Sure I could fake it, but I choose not to. It wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying, or as much fun, if I did. Continue reading “Toys of my Trade”