Talk Dirty with the Little Red Hen

Let's Eat Out 1967

On this episode of Talk Dirty with Chloe Luv…

I have a lovely conversation with The Little Red Hen.  If you listened to my last show with Jack Murphy then you know the Little Red Hen is Jack’s live-in girlfriend, and submissive.  She was a delightful guest with interesting stories, and life perspective.  We discuss her upbringing, losing her virginity, online dating, being submissive, and of course, Jack.

She also offers fantastic insight, and resources on managing an open relationship and jealousy.


as always on my show, we talk about sex… public orgasms, pussy hooks, and rape role-play…oh my. :)

Little Red and I have a lot in common; from our life choices, to our nature.  It was exciting and inspiring to chat with her.

It was an honor to have both her, and Jack (check out his blog), on my show to talk about the intimate details of their lives.  They’re the real deal, with a great affection for each other, and I truly enjoyed hearing from both of them.

Follow the Little Red Hen on Twitter, and look for her blog coming soon.

Chat soon!

kisses and luv,