The Interview – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

The Application

After sorting through the information I had collected on the Phone Sex industry, a clearer picture emerged.  I checked out dozens of companies, and came away with a list of four which fit all my major requirements.  One in particular stood out to me; a smaller company with an excellent reputation.  It not only fit my criteria, it also had several additional things I liked, and lucky for me they were hiring.  I cleared my head, and analyzed my decision a little more.  I wanted to do this.  I was as ready to put in an application.

elvgren_helpwanted_1952I went to my newly designed, soundproof guest/phone sex room, and shut the door.  I’m not prude, by any means, but I recognize taking a job as a phone actress, with no experience, could potentially be a big deal.  Anxious, but excited, I re-read the company’s hiring section, and filled out the online application.  Pushing send was nerve racking; I kept staring at the box I had checked for bi-sexual, giggling. I had to spend five minutes or so just calming myself down.  I pushed send and…

…of course, nothing happened.

I spent the next twenty four hours antsy and distracted, waiting for the phone to ring.

The Interview

When the phone finally did ring, I think even my husband (yep, still amazing) jumped a little.  I know I did.  I answered it in what I hoped was my best sultry voice.  I was greeted by a perfect, purring, sex-kitten voice on the other end–let’s call her Becky.  I generally get along well with people, even other women, but I have to say Becky was amazing.  For two hours she walked me patiently, and so sweetly, through every aspect of being a phone sex operator.  Keep in mind this is a unique profession, and most phone sex companies offer no training.  She did everything she could to prepare me for the road ahead.

Becky started the interview by asking basic questions: Why am I doing this?  Do I live with anyone?  Is he supportive?  What kind of phone do I have?  When do I want to work?  What began as routine questions, led almost instantly to an easy natural conversation.  I talked to her about my kinks, the lure of doing something I hoped would be sexy and fun, but also be revealing of myself and others. Within ten minutes she moved on to the normal job interview stuff, and I knew the job was mine.

A Number to Remember 1955My sex-kitten interviewer Becky gave me a brief description of the company. Then began a long list of things I needed to know before I could take calls.  Most of this was just business — boring but important stuff.

Things we discussed:

Commission (Pay)-   Most phone sex companies use a direct deposit pay system and pay their models every two weeks, some only once a month.  Each phone sex business independently decides how much they will pay their models.  I chose a company that would pay me for blocks of time, rather than by the minute.  The industry standard is $4 to $6 for 15 minutes.  Most “block-time” companies increase a models rate, adding a dollar when someone specifically requests them.  Becky explained the company hold-time policies. Then we discussed the process of confirming or reversing a receipt.

Tips– It’s not unheard-of for a company to allow tips, but not all of them do, and many that do take a huge cut off the top. There are several good companies like mine, that only take a percent when it is an exceptionally high tip, and the amount they take is reasonable.  Tips are a great way to increase revenue, sometimes tripling (or more) a PSO’s receipts. 

Financial Penalties– A model must answer her phone within the first few rings, or be charged a penalty. If she is signed-in but fails to answer, she pays a steeper penalty.  If it becomes a regular occurrence the penalty continues to increase.

Independent Contractors–  Phone sex operators are responsible for their own financial records and taxes.  It is very important for a model to keep her own detailed financial records.  If a model earns $600 or more in a week, the company will report the income.  If a model earns less than $600 in a week, she is completely responsible for reporting her earnings and paying taxes.

Texts– Texts are quickly becoming a necessity for a phone sex worker.  Sexting is a big revenue source for phone sex companies and models.  On average, a model gets .25 cents for each text received.  This can add up quickly. Texts are also frequently used for setting future appointments with callers and for cultivating regulars.  Just like with the phone calls, text messages are routed through a company computer.  The company cannot regulate when a client contacts you, but a model is under no obligation to answer (unless she is signed in).

Pinup 2 girls Three-way Calling– There are two reasons why it is important to have this service on a model’s phone.  First, at the end of a pre-paid block of time, the caller can request additional time with the model. The model uses the 3-way feature to call the dispatch operator.  The caller can then add or approve more time, without having to hang-up and call the model back.  Second, two models can sometimes work together to explore a man’s fantasy.

Becky and I finally reached the point in the interview where we would discuss my only real concern with becoming a PSO.  It is a no-taboo company; which caused a decent amount of fear and reluctance in me.  Becky reminded me that I choose my own styles and they can easily be revised as I evolve as a PSO.  She told me to spend some time thinking about what was “off the table”.  We went through a raunchy list of fetishes, all of which I fine with doing.  There were only two definite “NO’s”.  No poop, and the one thing that really worried me–how to handle guys who were attracted to children (pedophiles).  Becky reminded me this was acting, not real fantasy.  She made it clear that it is always my choice to accept or reject a caller for any reason.  I knew she could tell how much the thought of being contacted by someone like that horrified me, (honestly it’s the hardest thing for me to accept about this business).  Becky gave me relevant and important advice about defining my boundaries, and being firm on my limits.  She stressed that it was important to identify within the first two minutes what a caller wants, and reverse the receipt quickly if it is not something I was comfortable doing.  I wish I could say this topic felt resolved after this conversation, but it was still a lurking concern for me.  It was not, however, enough to keep me from pursuing a PSO job.

Elvgren8At the end of the interview, Becky told me it was time to choose a name and to build a character bio.  I also had to choose or release my model photos and record my “call me” messages.  Once that had all been accomplished, I could start taking calls.  I was now officially employed as a phone sex operator.

Kisses and Luv


Next up choosing a name and building a character…