This is phone sex? When do I get to cum?

pinup 1Obviously, I can’t write about every call I take as a phone sex operator.  It would take too long and become redundant.  It feels necessary, however, to write about my first few callers.  These were especially difficult because of my inexperience.  Phone sex is completely new to me.  Only two weeks separated the time between thinking,

“Do they still have phone sex operators?” and the first night I took calls.

I barely gave myself enough time to process the hows and whys of doing this, let alone prepare for what callers would want from me.  On the other hand, I’m pretty sure there is no way to “be ready” for what you will hear, or be asked to do, in paid phone sex.  This job is more about improvised acting and quick thinking than anything else.  The calls are difficult to process while experiencing, because I’m reacting, interpreting and adjusting so much, there is no time for any of it to sink in.  Writing allows me to re-live the experience and process my reactions.

Becoming a phone sex operator is an experiment to me; a personal test, of-sorts.  It gives me an opportunity to analyze my judgement and my reactions to unexpected situations. I’m also learning to better anticipate situations and people’s behavior.  RARE EDITIONBeyond that, is a lesson in the psychology of base human nature–being a PSO is a window into a protected and private area of a strangers mind.  I’ve taken it seriously since the beginning, and I aim to do it well.  I want to get as much out of this experience as possible.

Now, along with all that deep, profound crap I just said, I’m a horny girl.  I want to cum.  

I mean, this is phone sex, right?!  

The trade-off for listening to sissy boys and counseling lonely, sad men was supposed to be some hot, sexy fantasies.  So far, I’ve had a pedophile creep, an educating (but not very sexy) dominatrix fantasy and an outrageous storyteller.   After these three callers, all I really want now is to get off with a stranger on the phone.  I’m sure anyone reading this is hoping my next call was sexy and kinky, all about me fucking myself and cumming.  I know that’s exactly how I felt at that moment So, I was disappointed when my next call started with a feminine, whiny, drawn-out voice asking me for a hug.  I was going to have to wait, at least a little longer, before I would get my chance to cum.

I wish I could tell you how brilliantly I handled myself in this call.  Better yet, just skip it all together, really nobody wants to hear about this one.  It was not a sexy call.  I preformed horribly, missed cues, and was out of step through the entire experience.  Melvin gave every sign of wanting to be dominated, but a series of mistakes made by me, changed the dynamic.  I’m sexually submissive in my real life, even more than that, is my desire to make people feel better about themselves.  This is not what a man that wants to be humiliated and controlled is seeking.  A couple of minutes into the call Melvin asked me what I was wearing.  I assumed if he wanted to be dominated, he would want me in a dominatrix type of get-up.  As I described what I thought he wanted, he cut me off with a biting tone and told me, “No. Try again.”  I changed tactics; describing the soft baby doll lingerie I was actually wearing.  We moved on, but the dynamic had already begun to change.  I have never been in a ‘switch’ situation, but that’s exactly where I found myself in this call.  Foil ProofGone was the wimpy, pathetic, man-child begging for me to control and humiliate him.   Any chance I had of gaining back control had passed, and I just seemed to make the situation worse with every answer I gave him.  My biggest mistake came when, he told me he had a 4-inch penis and testicles the size of small grapes, then asked me if that was normal. In stressful situations we tend to fall back on our natural tendencies, even while our brain advises us to do otherwise.  Instead of feeding his humiliation fantasy,  I instinctively tried to make him feel better about his anatomy.  That was not a good idea.  By the end of our call he was clearly enjoying my discomfort.  He was mean, and chose cruel scenarios in the hopes of humiliating me as much as he could.  Even as a submissive, that has some objectification and humiliation fantasies, he was getting under my skin and pushing me to react.  I didn’t enjoy it at all, and derived no pleasure from his attempt to dominate me.

By the time I hung up the phone with Melvin, I felt like I had completely failed.  I was unable to control the situation; said the wrong thing every step of the way, and at the end was condescended by an annoying, whiny-voiced male-submissive, that had just finished dominating me, while I described to him how it felt to get pounded in the ass in vivid detail.  In my notes it says, “Missed all cues. Messed up big time. Got him off.”  I was irritated by him, but mostly i was just relieved that the call was over.  I figured he wasn’t going to complain–I had given him an extra 5 minutes for free, made him cum, and allowed him to talk down to me.  It was over, and one good thing, I was sure he was never going to call me again . . .


Lucky for me, less than ten minutes passed–just enough time to fill in my notes and wallow in my humiliation, before the phone rang, the clouds parted, and a sexy, deep, masculine voice said, “Hey honey, I’d like to get you wet and fuck. You up for that?”

I may, I’m not saying I did, but I may have squealed and giggled my enthusiastic YES!  Finally, a man that just wanted to get down to some porn-star-crazy phone sex!  This call was interactive erotica–hot, wet, masturbation with lots of kinky talk and the sounds of enthusiastic fucking.  He moved me into different positions; talked about how good I felt, how tight . . .

For the next half-hour I finally got to scream and moan in pleasure while I played with myself.  The sounds of this stranger getting off for me, made it so much hotter.  I got on my knees, on my bed, put the phone on speaker, and fucked myself with a dildo.  I made sure he could hear, not only how wet I was, but also the sound of the dildo sliding in and out of my pussy.  I bounced on my knees so he could hear my bed squeak.  I screamed, gasped, and thoroughly enjoyed getting myself off for him as vocally as I could.  He’d say, “How’s that feel baby?” or “You feel so good,”  and I would tell him how good he made me feel–how hot and wet he was making me, (I’m getting worked up just writing about it!). Annette This is exactly the phone sex call I had been waiting for.  By the end of the first half-hour I had three orgasms– all genuine.  I actually felt high, sort of drugged-up from the adrenaline rush–add that to the euphoria of cumming, wow!  It was intense!  My caller was so impressed he left me a huge tip, and called me back for a repeat performance an hour later.  It was everything I had hoped phone sex would be. I absolutely made sure he understood my reaction (cumming) was 100% real.  He loved it, every second, and got off hard for me–Twice!

I started this blog as a way to document and acknowledge my experience in the phone sex industry.  So far, it’s been a fascinating and sometimes mind-blowing adventure.  I’ve learned so much already.  Every call I take, offers yet another chance to learn something more, hear something new, and maybe if I’m lucky, help someone.  I say this every time I finish a post–what I’ve shared so far pales in comparison, to what is coming next.  Talk soon.  :)

Kisses and Luv