Creating Chloe – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

Gentlemen Prefer... 1963Before I could begin taking calls as a phone sex operator, I needed to create a persona.  For obvious safety concerns a PSO has to protect certain personal information; anything traceable should be changed.  Becky said, “men that call want to feel they know you, so all the fictitious details need to be well established in your mind”.  Phone sex work is acting.  It’s important for me to be clear on the role I am going to play.

To begin with, I needed to choose a name.  Easy, right?

I was ready, I had my name all picked out, it was perfect…

it was taken.

I didn’t realize the company would not allow two girls to have the same name or even similar names.  I presented Becky with four other names and had them all rejected.  I had expected to be able to choose any name I wanted–I was stuck.  She sent me off to look for other choices.  After a quick search on Google I came up with a list of twelve new names.  I called Becky again, and sadly each name was rejected for different reasons.  We spent the next half an hour brainstorming, calling out random names, and disqualifying them. I would say a name, and Becky would say things like: too slutty, too old, too difficult to scream, your voice is too sexy for that one, or only dumb girls need a name like that.  It was an amusing process; we giggled like school girls.  I was seconds from choosing a name I wasn’t completely happy with, when the perfect, and more importantly, unclaimed name came to me.  It’s was a classic, simple name, but still original and identifying.  I was excited, and I could tell my new boss Becky liked it as well.

I’ll give you one hint; its not Chloe.

Just Right (The Eyed of March) 1961Now that I had chosen my characters name, it was time to create a story for Chloe.  I had to give a lot of thought to my background information.  I’ve lived in just about every area of the United States, so I don’t have a regional accent.  This is good in some ways but it also makes it impossible to say I grew up in Alabama or Massachusetts. The city I picked for Chloe’s childhood, I spent a lot of time in growing up but never actually lived there.  It’s a city without a discernible accent and one I can navigate in my head.  Chloe’s college choice was close enough to where I went to school that I visited it often and knew many campus and area details.  I gave her a current profession that’s both sexy and familiar to me, but again not traceable.  For my current city of residence, I chose a city that means something to me personally, and I know well; a city I do not currently live in.  With everything else I want try to be as honest and real as I can.  This is about me, as much as it is about them.  If everything is fake, how will I ever get anything out of it?

Class DismissedWhen I had finished my talk (interview) with Becky, I was elated.  With her help Chloe was born and I was ready to take calls. Talking to her was an early unexpected gift in this process.  She went far beyond her job by not only being so open with me, but also by getting excited with me.  I really can’t adequately convey to you how much our conversation affected me, it was deeper and more meaningful than either of us expected.   Even when I speak to her now(she is my boss), I get a little fan-girl crush feeling.  I will always be grateful that she was my first  teacher.

Kisses and Luv,