About Chloe Luv

Ooh What a LineI have decided I want to become a phone sex operator (PSO).

It’s something I’ve fantasized about doing since I was a teenager.  One problem – I don’t know anything about what it means to be a PSO.  I had never seriously considered doing it, until a few weeks ago when a friend mentioned it in passing.  Our conversation was enough to convince me to look deeper into phone sex industry.

Big thanks to @Tyler_Vin and his sexy pinup for inspiring me.

Tyler VinThe more I  reflected on it, the more certain I became, this was something I wanted to try.


First– I am obsessed with sex.  I pretty much always have been.  I relate and communicate with people, both female and male, by using my sexuality, flirting and expert use of my feminine charms. ;)  I am a voyeur and an exhibitionist.  My biggest kink, turning a man on; talking dirty, teasing, playing out peoples wicked fantasies– yep, all right up my alley!  The most alluring part of becoming a phone sex operator is making a man cum with just my voice and my brain.  That is incredibly hot to me.

Next– Along with my sexual open-mindedness, and personal kinks, is my deep fascination with peoples’ sexual perversions.  It excites me that men will openly share intimate things with me, and hopefully allow me to be an accomplice to their perverted (or mundane) sexual fantasies.

This job is living erotica.

Even more important to me is the window into human nature I will have as a phone sex operator.  Sexual fantasies are very personal and telling of a man’s (anyone’s) true nature.  I’ve heard a lot of these men are lonely and needy.  In many ways, I think I will become a sex therapist, and a friend to them.  I understand what it means to be ashamed of sexual fantasies.  It took years for me to sort out what I wanted sexually in my real life, and what was best left as fantasy.  I feel lucky.  I accepted my sexual nature early in life, and have spent the time since defining my sexual boundaries and needs.  I love that I’m kinky and so does my husband (yes, I’m married. He’s amazing).

What will the journey be like for me?

I’m certain I will have struggles no amount of forum research can prepare me for.  Honestly, this is part of what draws me to be a PSO–what are my limits?   Sexy Pin-Up on the PhoneWhat can I learn about myself and others by doing this?  Will I help these men understand themselves better or just get them off?  Will they help me understand myself better?

I am always looking for ways to feel more connected to people.

This blog will be a place for me to share my experiences, (good and bad), my stories (what you’re really here for) and my growth as a woman (and a PSO).

Here’s to giving orgasms, and hopefully having some of my own!

Kisses and Luv — Chloe


  • Amber John Jay

    Hey Chloe I love your blog so much and I’ve always wanted to be a PSO since I was 56, and now (thanks to you) I’ve finally realized my my true calling and the truth of life in the reality of this world! PHONE SEX AHH (haha PSO jokes am I rite lady!!) thank you so much ~ Kisses and Luv, Jan (Scorpio; John 3:4)

    • Yay! That’s fantastic! Good for you! I’m happy to have had a positive impact on your life’s journey, and thanks for reaching out to me…it means a lot to me. :)
      Best of luck!
      (I’d love to read more about your own experiences becoming a PSO.)
      kisses and luv, Chloe

  • Ginger Dallas

    Cheers Chloe! I’m a big fan! :)

    • The day I saw your comment I was feeling really frustrated with my writing process…
      It means a lot to me that you took a moment to tell me this, a lot. You turned my day around and gave me a warm smile and little boost in confidence.
      Thank you Ginger!

      • tbss

        Most girls are straight not bi sexual girls are attracted to men not women