Foot Love: Part One

This is part one, of a five part post, on foot fetishes and the sexualization of feet.  

This post took me months to research and write.Double Trouble (It's Nearly Time to Close the Books)  Ihad a lot of questions, but the deeper I looked for the answers, the more questions I had.  It is a complex subject with many variables.  The definition is subjective, and information on foot fetishes is limited and fragmented.  Most of what has been written comes from the same few data sources, or is based entirely on opinion and personal experience.  After tracking down the (overstated, sometimes erroneous) statistics, studies, and theories–I was surprised to discover (scientifically speaking) little is known about foot fetishes.  Sorting through the information and slowly putting the pieces together was an overwhelming task.

There were several times I nearly gave up, but in the end I just kept writing…

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