My “Call Me” Message – Becoming a Phone Sex Operator

He Thinks I'm too Good to be TrueThis is it, the last step before I can begin taking calls, recording my “call me” message.  This is a phone sex operator’s invitation to callers, it needs to be good.  Being a successful PSO depends on many things, but when you get down to it, it’s her voice that sells her.  I am fairly confident that I have a sexy voice.  My only problem is, when I get nervous my voice goes up an octave and I giggle.

I grabbed a pen and paper and spread out on my “phone sex”  bed to write a script.  I needed to fill 45 seconds, which is not as easy as it sounds.  After an hour, I had 15 seconds of material and 25 audio recordings.

I took a break and called a friend for a pep-talk.

Thank You  @nadadamnthing 

Seriously, ladies @NadaDamnThing looks exactly like Vin Diesel. The line starts back there. ;)

When I returned to the task I was more calm.  I wanted it to feel as though it  a personal message, something a girl would leave on a lovers voice mail. This is pretty close to my final script (abbreviated a bit):

Hi, it’s Chloe.  I’ve been feeling so naughty, and I need someone to come play with me.  Call me back @007.  I’m so ready for you baby.  Mmm, I’ve been having such dirty thoughts about you.  I can’t wait to tell you all about the hot things I want you to do to my body.  OOOh, just thinking about it, mmmm…   It’s got me all worked up.  Call me.  I’m waiting.

Reads a bit redundant and silly, yep, but sexy as hell.

I was ready to officially record my message…


Measuring Up (Holding Out)

My nerves were getting in the way of my sexiness.  So, I did what any good fantasy sex worker would do. I masturbated to the point of almost cumming several times.  When I was completely worked up, and my nerves had died down, I called the office.  I tried recording my message, and giggled through it a few times.  At the end a computer voice would say: “Press 2 to delete your new message and re-record it”.  It felt like I pressed 2 a hundred times over the next 20 minutes, before I felt my message was as close to perfect as i could get it.  I called the office to have it approved, and I was ready to log-in to take my first call as a phone sex operator.

Kisses and Luv,